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Newsletter - Q1 2017

What’s New on the Trail?

Welcome to the second edition of RTF’s quarterly newsletter. It is the “off” season, meaning there are fewer people on the trail, it’s a lot cooler, and there is a ton of snow on the ground in the Rubicon. It’s a time many of us love on the Rubicon! In this edition, we update you on the RTF property and introduce El Dorado County’s new Rubicon employee.

Property Update

Scott Johnson surveys FOTR Main Camp

In 2010, RTF made the decision to purchase property on the Rubicon Trail when we bought 317 acres that lies between the Indian Trail and Rubicon Springs.  We did this for several reasons, but mostly to provide a place for people to go and camp and hang out on the trail.  It also gave RTF standing in discussions between political entities and property owners and gives the public a prescribed right to visit the area.

We have had some difficulty working out access to the property, but have now come to an agreement with Rubicon Trail Partnership, who owns the adjacent property.  Through a boundary line adjustment, RTF now owns property adjacent to the trail, and we traded acreage to the partnership to make that happen.  That's great news.

More great news…as of October 2016 the property is paid off!  That frees up RTF budget to do some property improvements, hire a caretaker, and get the property opened in the 2017 season.

As far as long term vision, Rusty Folena, longtime director and committee chair of the property committee said, “We see the RTF property as a place for everyone. There is a main camp already established, called FOTR Camp and the trail into FOTR Camp is almost complete.  We will have a caretaker’s area near FOTR camp as well.  Eventually we would like to see different groups adopt and improve camp areas that will be open to all, much like the Dirty Dozen Camp in Rubicon Springs”.

El Dorado County Hires Rubicon Staff

Justin in the El Dorado County Jeep

El Dorado County has long been committed to keeping the Rubicon Trail open, a commitment that RTF values.  Recently the County has been on a search for the right person to fill the “Maintenance Worker I” position at County Parks.  This position is 70% Rubicon, 30% Parks and Trails. 

In October, Justin Williams was hired to fill that position.  Justin first experienced the Rubicon in the late 90's and he was hooked.   He has been on the trail ever since with friends and family.  Justin has been trying for years to get a position with the county and when he applied he thought this position was in the Transportation Division.  In the interview he was surprised and excited to find it was on the Rubicon Trail!   His second day on the job Vickie Sanders (his boss, the Parks Manager) took him to the maintenance yard to show him the equipment for the Rubicon.  “It was nice to see how excited and appreciative Justin was at the equipment we have worked so hard to acquire for the trail”, Vickie said.

His job responsibilities will include Rubicon Trail maintenance and documentation, Adopt a Trail programs, grant writing, assisting trail and rail volunteers on the Sacramento Placerville Transportation Corridor, and assisting Vickie with various projects.

In addition the County has hired “extra help” workers from within the County ranks to assist Justin.

When I asked Justin about his job so far he said, "I have known the Rubicon for years, but this is a whole new perspective.  I look forward to what the future holds for me and the Rubicon Trail." 

Good luck, Justin, we’ll see you out there!

Black Tie and Boots

The Rubicon Trail Foundation is proud to announce our 9th Annual Black Tie & Boots Dinner & Auction, happening March 11, 2017, at the American Legion Hall in Placerville.  This year the Foundation has voted to honor John Pardi with the annual “ROCK Award”, our lifetime achievement award for serving the trail.
John has spent many years on the trail, first running it in his trademark yellow Landcruiser with his wife, Sue, in 1975.  His daughters, Amy and Becky, grew up on the trail and their families are dedicated trail users as well.  John has also been a member of Toys on the Rocks for 22 years.

Most of you probably know John from his eight years on the trail working for RTF as Mid Trail Staff.  His mechanical knowledge, understanding of trail history, and willingness to help out folks on the trail served him and RTF well.  We are proud of John’s accomplishments and proud to present him with the Rock Award.

The 9th Annual Black Tie & Boots Dinner and Auction committee are actively looking for Sponsors and auction items.  Tickets will go on sale January 1, 2017.  If you would like to be a part of this special event please contact Chris Cowan at 888-678-2426, e-mail her at chris.cowan@rubicontrailfoundation.org, or visit our website at www.rubicontrail.org or like us on FaceBook for more information.

New Director, New Officers

At our December 14th, 2016 meeting, the Rubicon Trail Foundation held regular elections. There were a total of six seats available, four of which were held by sitting directors that were re-running for their seat.  The remaining seats were held by individuals that had decided not to run again.  The board elected Jonathan Carlos and Chris “JC” Jenkins to fill those positions.  Congratulations and thanks for stepping up!  The board also thanked Dave Beam for his outstanding service and hard work for the last four years.

At our January 18th, 2017 meeting RTF elected two officer positions, President and Secretary.  John Arenz became the new President, and Chris Cowan will continue in the Secretary position, which she has held for six years.  Thanks to Sean Russell for a job well done leading RTF for the past two years, and of course thank you to Chris for her hard work as Secretary and organizing Black Tie and Boots.

Want a Job on the Rubicon?

RTF is actively looking for two people to fill Mid Trail Staff positions.  If you are interested in working for a great organization in the Rubicon in 2017, please send an email to info@RubiconTrailFoundation.org and we will provide you with a job description and application.

Annual FOTR Meeting April 8th, 2017

Volunteers do major repairs on the Rubicon Springs bridge

Friends of the Rubicon will hold their annual meeting on Saturday, April 8th.  Time and location will be announced soon, or you can go to the FOTR web page at http://www.rubicontrail.org/rtf-fotrmain.htm for more info.  Shannon Chard, the FOTR Trail Boss is encouraging attendance by anyone who wants to help, make a difference, plan the future of the trail, or just come and see how FOTR works


Director Profile: Rusty Folena

Rusty Folena and his son Colton at Cantina For The Con

Rusty Folena is the only currently active charter director of the Foundation, joining at its inception in 2004.  He has been on multiple committees, including serving as the chair of the property committee.  He has also served as President.

Rusty, an El Dorado County native, has rich history on the trail.  His Mom and Dad were also avid wheelers, and spent time on the trail since the late 1950’s.  He grew up on the trail with his folks.  He helped start Friends of the Rubicon in 2001 and became a founding member of The Rubicon Trail Foundation in 2004.  Rusty is married to a very patient and understanding Rubicon Trail user and has one son, Colton, who can also be seen on the trail regularly.


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