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Past Board Members

The Rubicon Trail Foundation would like to give a big thank you to the time, effort, energy and heart that has been given to this board and the Rubicon Trail by its past members.

The following is a list of our past board members that have served this board since the inception on September 1, 2004.



Aaron Beckstead
Aaron Nunley
Dan Mainwaring
Dave Beam
Dave Gross
Del Albright - Founder and Founding President (2004-2007)
Dennis Mayer - Founding Director and Founding Treasurer
Don Spuhler
Doug Barr - Founding Director and Interim President (2009)
Frank Funk
Jack Sweeney - Non-Voting Director (El Dorado County)
Jason Warden
Jeff Nilluka
Jeff Spellman - Founding Director and Founding Vice President
Jen Lillund
Kevin Carey - Founding Member and Director
Kevin Arnold
Mark Langford
Mark Smith - Founding Director
Matt Farley
Mike Overmeyer - Founding Member and Director
Randy Burleson - Founding Director, Founding Secretary and Past President(2008-2009)
Rich Mainwaring
Ryan Mohondro
Ryan Wallace
Sean Russell - Past President (2014-2016)
Scott Johnston - Founding Director and Past President (2010-2012)
Ted Gaines - Non-Voting Director (Placer County)
Tom Allgaier
Troy McClintock


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